Selected naming case studies

A new breed of hotel that encourages interaction with local community and culture. Salt brings out the flavour in places.

A premium CBD brand. The word ‘apothem’ relates to the extraction of liquid from plants.

A budget-friendly, West-End hotel, designed for like-minded urban explorers.

Protein-enriched breakfast bowls from Danone, destined to become part of the nation’s morning routine.

A Mauritian hotel with a global, business outlook. Socio translates as ‘partner’ in the international language, Esperanto.

The name of this Park Lane restaurant translates as ‘she sings’. She is chef Martha Ortiz. She is Mexico. The country’s colourful food and culture is the song they sing.

Originated in the Netherlands, this game-changing online service brings clarity to global currency conversion.

An advanced, personalised service that empowers clients to identify, address, and prevent root causes of health problems.

These spherical Japanese-style mochi sweets are as beautiful and mysterious as the moon.

Hunting jackets, known as ‘pinks’, were once dyed near the site of this Holborn residential development.

A Swiss serviced-accommodation brand, providing a convenient urban base for well-travelled guests. 

Living within the Square Mile, residents of this property development feel like natives of this hallowed area.

A central London residential development on the site of the former postal sorting office at Mount Pleasant.

A GF Smith exhibition that celebrated the inherent beauty in time-honoured factory processes.

The architecture of this residential development, in newly energised King’s Cross, evokes a sense of rhythm.