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We write from scratch, and we edit existing copy. We work from supplied resources, or we conduct desk research, interviews, and workshops. Every writing project is unique, and we mould our approach accordingly.  

Typical writing projects:




Company statements / brand stories

Creative concept narratives

Marketing literature

Website content

Social media and blog content

Point of sale


Advertising campaign concepts and copy

Scripts for brand films and ads

Investor communications

Brand guidelines

Tone of voice guidelines


Press releases

Editorial content

Advertorial content

Exhibition and events content

Brand foundations

When working with new or developing brands, often our first task is the creation of brand foundations. Combining our experience in brand building with the privilege of objectivity, we isolate the essence of a brand and articulate it in the form of written tools.

Typical strategic outputs:


Brand values

Brand behaviours

Brand positioning statements

Brand proposition statements

Vision and mission statements

Brand manifestos


Tone of voice principles

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